The Abdabs

Y ahora unas imágenes y parte de la verdadera historia de los Abdabs, mejor conocidos como Alpha 19, Sigma 7, the Syd Barrett Experiment, Pi π, Roger Waters the Spider, Metallica, Omega VIII, Mr. T and Me, We are Drugs, The Screaming Abdabs o Pink Floyd:

At-Home-Tart Mother

This was more a setback for the Floyd than a step forward. In a bizarre burst of inspiration, Waters used all of the profits from A Saucerful of Sucrets to hire the London Symphony Orchestra out for half an hour and got some of the janitors from the Floyds Cambridge Flat to do vocals in a strange symphonic piece. The rest of the band was furious when they found out what Roger had done while they were out, and had thought it initially suspicious that Waters had given them money to buy some new satin shirts and tight pants. To compromise, Roger allowed Nick and Rick to use a photo of a cow they had taken while picknicking in the dorset countryside for the album cover. The cow also colaborated with vocals in the closing piece, entitled "Lulubelle's Progressive Lunch

Wish You Were Queer: David Gilmour and Roger Waters passionately kiss in front of their fans. Note that Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic had more success making out in the nineties

Before Starting Pink Floyd, the band had great aspirations to become Rockettes, this dream however, was a dismal failure. So they picked up guitars one day and were all of a sudden awesome.

Hurricane Floyd, created by the notorious Roger Waters, heads for Pink Floyd's rehearsal studios prior to their secret gig on the White House lawn.

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