I'm happy, you are happy too (an approach to Freud's life & work)

Sigmund Skank Fraud (London, 6 mei 1856 - Freiburg, 23 september 1939, also known as SickMan Fraud, Sigmund Frood and Siggy.) was a psychoanalyst and a homosexual who lived during the early 20th Penis, I mean Century. He is widely regarded for his theories on the penis...errr...mind, and for jump starting the field of penises (psychoanalyis). His most celebrated theory is the notion of Penis Envy and Anal buggery.

He had 24 children and sexually abused every single one of them—testing whether the experience would pass to the next generation. Early in his life, Freud discovered he had a vagina and a sort of laser vision that allowed him to stare into the souls of the unwilling.

He was a very close friend of Jung, whom he once kissed. The following day, an E! photographer was found dead in a box of cheese; it is believed that he had taken a photograph of that celebrity kiss, although this information hasn't yet being confirmed by anyone.

In his main work, On the Procreation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and more Sex, much more Sex, he argues that ego, id and superego are all synonyms of the consciousness, which express the urge of the species for progeneration.

Dr. Freud also determined that you want to have sex with your mom. Or at least, he's hinted at it for the past 40 years.

A lifelong mentor to Colonel Sanders, it is little known that the original poultry-based fast food was to be marketed as Kentuckistan Freud Chicken, under the slogan of "It's Mother-Fucking Good". Although largely rejected by consumers at the time, this has remained in the state Alabama.

Freud died in 1929, the cause of death being getting his hairy ass kicked in an ambush by Carl Gustav Jung, Eugene Bleuler, Milton Erickson, Emil Kraepelin and Karl Jaspers. All of them hated Freud "for being such a prick".

The works of Freud

Freud wrote many self help books that became best sellers, being #1 at bookstores for several weeks. Amongst those are:

* On the Procreation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and more Sex, much more Sex
* The interpretation of Consciousness
* Hug Therapy
* Yo Mama
* Tree Huggers and Veggie Lovers
* I'm happy, you are happy too
* How to become rich and famous
* Dr. Freud's Sex Diet - Getting thin and getting laid
* How To Pay Your Therapist Huge Amounts Of Cash Twice A Week And Not Die Trying
* Analyze this
* Mein Kampf
* Your Penis, My Penis: Purple Headed Butt-Thumpers
* How To Make My Favorite Drink: Beginners Guide to the Prune Smoothie
* Your Therapist... Old Man, Sex Mate, or Both
* Your Mothers Womb is More Fun the Second Time Around
* Cocaine, All Part of a Complete Nutritious Breakfast
* The Voices in my Head - How to make them more interesting
* How to stop being followed by an Elf
* I just Called to Say I Love You
* Lord of the Rings
* Lobotomy for Fun and Profit
* You Love Your Mother, Admit It

Sigmund Freud in the guise of his secret identity / alter-ego, Superego. Unfortunately, his debilitating emotional hangups about changing in public phone booths often prevented him from expressing this part of his character.

Sigmund Freud saying, " Yo Mama."

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